Saturday, March 22, 2014

THE THREE SISTERS SERIES by LaVerne Thompson and Stephanie Williams

THE THREE SISTERS SERIES - Boxed Set by LaVerne Thompson and Stephanie Williams

The Three Sisters Series
What won’t these sisters do? Or the men whose hearts they've captured.

RINGSIDE- Atlanta Reese is the baby of the family and on a quest to find herself. Only she ends up in New Mexico and whips up a chili recipe that leaves the restaurant owner, Hank Gaines: hot, bothered, and begging for more.

Hank knew he was in trouble the moment he tasted her heat. But he had a secret he could never let Atlanta find out about or he'd lose it all.

NORTHERN EXPOSURE- Brittany loves the cold and adventure. She now finds herself near the Artic Circle trying out remote control panties with a Finn she met on a nude beach.

Sebastian had been waiting for a chance to get the beauty he'd seen around to himself. Now that he holds the controls, he's not giving them back.

MASQUERADE - Sydney as the big sister was always the responsible one, she always did the right thing. Until one night she puts on a disguise and goes after her fantasy man.

Caine knew the moment he held the masked woman in his arms she was the one for him, yet why was it when he held Sydney he never wanted to let her go.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Who doesn't love an ALPHA male? We certainly do! Which is why these 10 bestselling romance authors banded together to create the Tall, Dark and Alpha box set for your reading pleasure! Here's what you'll get in this wonderful and sexy set:

He makes your heart pound and melts your resistance away. He promises you a world of passion and you find it impossible to resist his dark charm. When he catches your eye across the room, you know he means business. He could be an executive, cop, shape shifter, or a bad boy looking for a little fun. Once he has you in his sights, you can't get away—and after one sizzling night in his arms, you won't want to. He’s Tall, Dark & Alpha. The alpha male is the ultimate indulgence…the richest dark chocolate…and we’re offering him to you in abundance.

Delve into the sensual worlds of award-winning authors: Randi Alexander, Koko Brown, Sam Cheever, Delaney Diamond, Eve Langlais, Afton Locke, Dawn Montgomery, Farrah Rochon, Paige Tyler, and Eve Vaughn. Immerse yourself in the alpha male experience.



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A grand passion in an apocalyptic world. A love beyond reason and without boundaries.

He’s a warrior, a bounty hunter in a world turned upside down. She’s a target, a creature of dark magic. His job is simple. Kill the target. Her goal is more complex. She must stay alive until she finds and destroys the source of death magic staining the twenty worlds. But the passion burning within them may be their undoing. It’s going to take an apocalyptic will to overcome the distraction their bodies are creating…and not lose themselves in the process.


Other Stories include:

Afton Locke - Rock My Boat

Dawn Montgomery - Silver Tongued Devils

Delaney Diamond - Fight For Love

Eve Langlais - Crazy (Vampire Love)

Eve Vaughn - Sex With an Ex

Farrah Rochon - In Her Wildest Dreams

Koko Brown - Player's Challenge

Paige Tyler - Two Cops, a Girl and a Pair of Handcuffs

Randi Alexander - Chase and Seduction, Book 1 of the Hot Country Series